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Virginia Deer Hunting Guide Service

We have been under the QDMA program for over 12 years. We have worked with DGIF and the DMAP program in managing herd populations and establishing quality bucks.

Monquin Creek Outfitters offers some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the state of Virginia. We pursue mature whitetail deer that average 3 years or older and score 130 or better.

Trail cameras are monitored year round to watch for predators and herd population. Many food plots are strategically placed throughout the property and include corn, milo, clover, oats, wheat, and rye. We have deer sanctuaries located on all of our properties to ensure that we are not over pressuring the population.

Our deer hunting guides in Virginia are experienced and stands are set to take advantage of the deer movement and wind direction for each days hunt. These are the important steps we take to unsure our deer hunts are a quality experience for our hunters.


First 3 weeks of October

3 Day Hunt - $2100 (includes lodging and meals)

5 Day Hunt - $3100 (includes lodging and meals)


The last week of October and first 2 weeks of November
(archery equipment or muzzleloader)

3 Day Hunt - $2750 (includes lodging and meals)

5 Day Hunt - $3850 (includes lodging and meals)


The third week of November thru the second week of December
(muzzleloader or shotgun)

3 Day Hunt - $2100 (includes lodging and meals)

5 Day Hunt - $3100 (includes lodging and meals)

On our 3 day hunts you are allowed 1 mature buck.

On our 5 day hunts you are allowed a mature 8 point or larger and a mature 7 point or less.

*A wounded deer counts as a kill.

Packages DO NOT INCLUDE licenses, game processing, or GRATUITIES. All of our guides work hard to ensure a great hunt. Please don't forget to tip them—15% of the hunt cost is recommended. Thank you!

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